Southern Forklifters Private Limited, with an aim to develop Human Resource by providing value added education and training, creating employable skills, as the first step towards the mission, based on industry need a professionally managed Material Handling Equipment Training Center at the registered office in Bangalore has been set up.

Southern Forklifters Private Limited has geared up to exploit the wealth of experience of its highly skilled, qualified and trained Team to provide high class training related to Material Handling Equipments owing to the ongoing transformation in training needs.

Southern Forklifters Private Limited has developed the training center with all facilities to provide training supported by visual media for class room session and practical session for hands on experience to participants.


To develop knowledge, skill and safety, bring attitudinal changes in personnel involved in operation and maintenance of material handling equipments through professional Theoretical and Practical training so as to attain excellence in work and strive for continuous improvement to achieve organizational goals.


To impart professional training to serving industry personnel to develop their competency in operation and maintenance of Material Handling Equipments.

Provide Training to Experienced Operators in the field of Repair & Maintenance of material handling equipments to attain Multi skills Professionally Trained Supervisors / Managers to effectively Manage Material Handling Equipments to achieve optimum and safe utilization of resources.

Conduct Need-Based industry specific In-house / onsite Training to update Knowledge and Skills for safe and optimal utilization of resources in achieving Organizational Goals. Conduct Specialized Job Oriented Training Course to Fresh Technically Qualified personnel to enhance their Job Opportunity.

Generate Knowledge Resource Pool to provide Industry with Highly skilled, Safe and Productive Material Handling Equipment Operators and Maintenance Technicians suitable to Industry Standards and Work Culture.